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SKOPELOS - "Mama Mia" what an island!

Posted by Alexandra S on February 4, 2018 at 1:55 PM

At one point in time, one of the biggest chapters of my life was studying intensely to succeed in the Greek foreign ministry's entry exams to the diplomatic corps. However, life does not always give us what we wish for... or better yet, what we believe we want; it gives us something different... and most often, something better. It sets us on a path that I believe we are destined to follow... or at least that is what it feels like till today even with all its tremendous rollercoasters, the highs and the lows.

Hard as that chapter may have been for me though, it blessed me with some amazing friends whom I am lucky to have by my side today. Two of those wonderful souls are Anne-Sophie and Evi. Not only are they like soul sisters to me... they are among the best travel companions I could ever dream of.

Our first travel adventure together was in 2013 on the island of SKOPELOS, the renowned "MAMA MIA" island, more specifically one of the main locations where the filmshooting took place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RBNHdG35WY

I will refrain from including photos of them in this post (discretion), but I can guarantee you, the fun we had was out of this world!

Evi was already on Skiathos, which is the island across Skopelos, so Anne-Sophie and I took the regional bus (KTEL) from the Central Bus Station in Athens and went to Agios Konstantinos which is a small town with its port about 2hrs45 minutes away from Athens. From there we hopped onto the catamaran which took us to Glossa, one of the ports of Skopelos. The boat ride took a little under 3 hours

The studio we had rented for the three of us was located at Milia beach and was indeed one of the most delightful locations on the island. Arriving around 23.00 at night only meant crashing our exhausted bodies onto our beds... but the following morning, our eyes encountered heaven.

As we were to meet with Evi on our second day on the island, Anne-Sophie and I decided we would just chill on the beach at Milia for the day and make our way into Skopelos town earlier that evening. 

Although the studio had its own kitchenette with its mini fridge and all the necessary utensils for someone who would enjoy a longer stay at the studio, there was also the option of a breakfast buffet on the common veranda surrounded by greenery and flowers, the bougainvillias being my favorite always :-) 

For the next few hours, it was all about relaxation on the beach beds under wide straw umbrellas, with our books, iced coffee by our side,and an alternating pattern of frequent dips in the crystal waters and soaking up some warm summer rays. 

...Oh and there was the occasional powerwalk in the sand up and down the entire beach a couple of times, just to get those bodies in action. It's very possible that Anne-Sophie was cursing me in her head that day... as the beach did extend quite far...! 

Later that evening we took off to pick Evi up from Skopelos town.

The evening turned out to be a loooong one... with quite a number of unpredictable and amusing moments... and that is actually what I love about these girls. We made our way back to the studio in the early hours of the next morning. Tequila shots, good music and great company can have that effect on you.

The next day, after we caught up on our sleep, we made our way to Kastani beach on foot, not far from Milia.

That beach turned out to be our favorite as we repeated the visit the following day.

A beach bar with good music, cushions, bean-bags, group sunbeds, friendly staff... etc. It was also quite convenient considering we had not rented a car this time.

Skopelos is an island I would characterise as being peaceful, offering gorgeous scenery wherever you go and the vibe is just easy-going... exactly what all three of us needed at that time.

(Swimwear by Panos Emporio www.panos.com)

Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos are the three islands of the Sporades Island comlex and I am hoping to be able to discover them more in the near future. I had already visited Skiathos a while back upon graduating from University, but it's time I paid it another visit soon.

What I would advise anyone planning on traveling to Skiathos and/or Skopelos, would be to rent a car, should your finances allow it. There is so much to see and having your own car available does leave room for more freedom when exploring. 

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