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Santa, who?!

Posted by Alexandra S on December 24, 2017 at 9:45 AM

I could give you a million reasons to celebrate Christmas,...and I would still respect a person's many reasons not to celebrate it...!

As I write these lines, one week away from heading home to Athens for a much-needed escape, I admit that my head is not entirely in the most Christmassy spirit today... so I found myself scrolling through my instagram and FB feed and would come across some amusing memes and photos that actually made me laugh, which I in turn decided to forward to some friends who I had a feeling could use a good laugh. I even posted one on my FB timeline.

My whole range of actions got me thinking...just how much and how often we allow our REAL selves to get carried away in doing things that we do not really believe in or want to do whole-heartedly just because "it is the season" and we are expected to live and deliver that one "picture-perfect" Christmas setting.

As humans, we do tend to get caught up in a whirlwind of millions of emotions and thoughts throughout our lives and most often we let those get the better of us, and christmas season is no exception. If anything it is one of the most emotionally charged periods of the year; a blessing and joy to some, a nightmare to others.

However, it need not be a nightmare.

First of all, let's start by agreeing on one thing:


The extent to which we let something affect us could use a bit of filtering... and that is a general rule, and not only applicable to christmas festivities.

Remember, we are talking about only a few days in a whole year of 365 days.

They will pass, no need to worry about that.

It does have a lot to do with hitting that reset button in our minds: from focusing on the darkest version of the festive days, into seeing it as just some free time off from our routine engagements. Darkness is not necessarily a bad place, as long as it does not become a permanent place of residence.

Everyone requires some alone-time... or maybe even healing time to sort out personal matters.

What is certain is that it is in our hand to make the decision to change our own perspective: one that will be less harmful for our mind, body and soul and will set the wheels in motion into a new path of seeing things in a more positive light gradually. No one can do it for us, only we can. We have all been there, myself included.

There is absolutely no reason or need to feel obliged to go overboard with the deliriously happy face when we genuinely don't feel that way...

Enjoying Christmas in a different way :-)

1. NATURE - a walk or a run in nature of a minimum of 15 minutes. Refreshes the oxygen in the brain and boosts those endorphines which are your natural "happy drug"

2. Book reading - Picking up a book on literature or something you are into, will distract the mind pleasantly.

3.Creativity - Anything that gets a person to use their hands in something involving a form of art, whether it is painting, drawing, photography or something else. Maybe you have a personal project you are working on.. focus on that.

4. Good vibes: Prefer to hang out with people and friends you connect well with and with whom you can get your mind off the holiday madness and just enjoy some good company.

5. Distance yourself from Social Media for a few days. It won't hurt; if anything, it will clear the mind and we'll feel MUCH Better. Actually, that is something that needs to be done A LOT more often.

6. Distance yourself from situations in which you think you will feel burdened. If you need to be present for a certain obligation, bear in mind it will not take forever.

7. If possible,take a couple of days away and change scenery. Clearly, if there is a financial obstacle involved... we can lleave this option out... but even taking an excursion to a nearby town that you've heard is interesting, may be a perfect idea if it cab be don in one day.

8. Dance or work-out - Either with a friend or alone, but move that body!!! Take the first step and the rest of you will follow.

9. Keep a diary - Some people find writing very liberating, so why not give it a go? In cases where we prefer to spend time alone, a diary can be your confidential companion... and to be honest, writing in a diary has some amazing healing power. It gives a person the chance to open up and express their innermost world without having anyone to question them or judge them... and the more they right, the more free they feel. Sometimes, answers to questions that have been buried deep, surface out of nowhere...

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember... YOU OWE NO ONE AN EXPLANATION for not feeling the need to be on a constant "High" during that final week of the year. Take things at your own pace wherever you can. Don't compare your chapter 7 to someone else's chapter 20. Neither knows anything of the other, and should not even assume.

Each day is a new day. YOU'VE GOT THIS :-)

In all honesty, that which sparked my inspiration and cheered me up a little after being a bit moody this morning, was a batch of "SANTA CLAUS" ginger cookies I just saw at the supermarket about an hour ago when I took that walk to clear my head...
It's the little things that make the biggest difference :-) 

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