A Colour Explosion from the Heart


Born in Athens, Greece, my greatest passion for as long as I can remember has been art and dancing as an ideal way for me to express my innermost feelings and thoughts. Over the course of time, my studies and the numerous career choices I pursued,  provided me with a great deal of travelling opportunities, thus opening doors to an international environment with incredible challenges, both on a professional as well as on a personal level. Being highly communicative and also empathetic as a person, I have been lucky enough to come across some truly amazing people who have left their mark on me, each in their own way; I've learnt and I have grown through all these encounters. It is these experiences that constantly inspire me and fuel my desire to create and make the best of the chances I come across. I am a firm believer that good energy is contagious when it is genuine and one's experiences can motivate and inspire another in a million ways, which is why I decided to start "Alexandra S" some years ago. 

As an artist, I aspire to scrape the surface and explore the genuine, the raw, the fearless, the vulnerable and love-craving nature of the human still hiding behind the protective mask.

My life philosophy is simple: Dare more; Love more; Live more. 




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